Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Smart question of the day

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For a moment, stop reading and think to yourself...

If me and my partner had an extra $10,000, what could we pay for?

Money is equal to security for some people. While that claim might be a bit extreme, research has already proven lack of money equals increased stress. Sure, times are tough now and again, but this increase in stress due to lack of financial stability has lead to divorce in several cases.

While it is smart to have a weekly grocery budget and discuss with your partner if you think the living room really needs a new TV before Christmas, it is also important to consider any extreme debt you bring into your marriage. 

Of course, student loan debts and car payments are in almost all cases guaranteed. People do, however, actually spend the money it costs to pay for school or a new car on their "big day." Really, on the first day of starting life together, even if college and the car is paid off, there is now a huge hole in the pockets that could be used as a down payment on a house, or a deposit and a few months of rent. 

Really, choosing to not have a traditional wedding ceremony is like giving you and your spouse a head start on financial goals. It is a matter of perspective. It's not extra money, but it is money that should be smartly earned, smartly spent, and smartly saved for when you (and/or someone special) really need it. 

So, if you are considering not having a traditional wedding, what could you use $10,000 dollars for?

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