Thursday, February 12, 2015

About This Blog Post

As someone has been in a relationship for three years, I am well aware of the endless badgering from the loved ones in my life.

"Where is the ring?"

"So are you guys planning a June wedding?"

"How many grandchildren will I be expecting?"

I'm not even engaged. The fact people hurry to get married is not what bothers me in our hook-up culture and instant gratification mentality.

People seem to be more worried about is the colors for the wedding, how big the ring is, and even other seemingly important things like "the right time." What about financial stability?

People are flawed, but with our instant gratification mentality and hook-up culture, we are so obsessed with having these extravagant materials, and gosh darn it, we want them now!

Most people who have been married at least a decade say that the first year of marriage is the hardest. Starting the marriage without a giant hole of debt will probably ease most of the traditional stress. It may resolve in a few less fights.

With this blog, it will break down the logic of having a wedding and why financially it is probably a poor choice to do the traditional big day. This blog will also offer wedding alternatives, along with advice for planning your version of a big day.

What was the most special wedding you remember, and what do you remember about it? Do you want your day to be like that, and if so, why?

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